We've compiled a short list of resources to support
our recent talk at the NSTA Conference in Boston, MA

Reading List

  • “17 Reasons Football is Better than High School” - Herb Childress
  • “Murder Machine” - Patrick Pearse
  • “The End of University” - Mark Taylor

  • Built to Last - Jim Collins, Jerry I. Porras
  • Nudge - Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein
  • Drive - Daniel Pink
  • BioDiesel and Beyond - William Kemp
  • Cradle to Cradle Engineering - Michael Braungart and William McDonough
  • Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell
  • Where Great Ideas Come From - Steven Johnson
  • Reality is Broken - Jane McGonigal
  • Disrupting Class - Clayton Christensen

Assessment Tools

Curriculum Documents

Web Sites

  • Instructables: The Source for the Makers/Hackers/DIY Community
  • Inhabitat: Design for a Better World
  • Tree Hugger: the best in green design
  • Kickstarter: great ideas
  • The King of Random: great instructables
  • The New Lab: This is the innovation lab of America's public schools.
  • The Story of Stuff.org: The Story of Stuff Project was created by Annie Leonard to leverage and extend the film’s impact. They amplify public discourse on a series of environmental, social and economic concerns and facilitate the growing Story of Stuff community’s involvement in strategic efforts to build a more sustainable and just world.
  • Save That Stuff: Awesome New England company that recycles just about everything and forklifts loads of grease over from Legal Seafoods for us.
  • Environmental League of Massachusetts: The Environmental League of Massachusetts is dedicated to protecting the health of our environment and citizenry by safeguarding the land, water and air of our Commonwealth.
  • Alliance for Climate Education: A national leader in climate education and the best presentation on the critical issue of global climate change.
  • MIT Sea Grant Education: Our strategic partners in greengineering the future !
  • Cape Cod Biofuels: The only ASTM-lab-certified biodiesel producer in the state of Massachusetts and a great company. Check them out.
  • Whole Foods Market : A great market, a company with action-driven vision, and a leader in sustainable business practices.
  • Scuderi Engineering: The most innovative engine design in 130 years, air-hybrid. MA company.
  • Home Inventory Great App. for inventory control, web-based and iphone App.
  • Survey Monkey Answer this Greengineering survey please.

  • Newton's green decade: This Newton's green power house. The Green Decade, collaborates, shares, builds, and educates Newton's own in all things sustainable and green.
  • National Biodiesel Board: The nation's leading advocate for biodiesel.
  • Alt E Store: Incredible resource for alternative energy information and products. They focus on Solar PV/Thermal and Wind, but offer so much more.
  • Utah Biodiesel Supply: Graydon is the best in the business. Incredible resource for all things BioDiesel.
  • BioLyle's Biodiesel Workshop: BioLyle knows his stuff. Check out his new Workshop Tutorial DVD--we highly recommend it.
  • The Farm School: Saving the future one seed at a time. The Farm School is an incredible educational experience. The Farm School is a family farm for the coming generations where people experience first hand what it means to be stewards of the earth.

  • Biodieselsyp: Sam S's awesome research on building a biodiesel reactor.
  • Playing for Change: Something to believe in!
  • The Diesel Weasel. Follow the adventures of our arch-nemesis and patron saint.
  • Naturebug.org: An SYP original. Zita Polgar (SYS'10) created this incredible "Nature" resource for parents and kids. Her research on Nature Deficit Disorder is incredible. Visit the website, learn a lot, and then get outside and explore the "Naturebug" way.