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In 2006, Steve Chinosi and a group of his writing workshop students decided to build some research skills. All they needed was a meaty topic to research. So the topic debate began and quickly settled on cars (obvious topic for teenage boys), then narrowed down to what engine was better - a Wankel(rotary) or a Diesel. Now the funny part was that Steve Chinosi knew nothing about engines, but did know how to engage his students in a challenge and took to defending the diesel engine as the best and most efficient engine in the world.

So, with the class appropriately fired-up, the research began in earnest. Within a day, information was pouring in as students scoured the web for bits of critical info. Quickly, biodiesel surfaced as a exciting and improbable topic to focus their energy. The students became so inspired by the idea that waste vegetable oil could power cars and generators that they had found the research topic that teachers dream about. Soon, the students were divided into research teams and sought out information on the chemistry of biodiesel, the history of Rudolf Diesel and his invention, and the impact and economics of the global petroleum market. After a month of engaged research the students presented their papers, slideshows, and wiki-site to the principal and science teachers.

Steve Chinosi was impressed and inspired by what the students uncovered and also by their infectious enthusiasm for the content. Curiously, it was the integration of science, history, economics, and comtemporary issues that really inspired him him to continue the work of the students. He spent the next two years studying, researching, participating in every biodiesel activity he could find and built a prototype appleseed processor and starting making fuel. After those two years of curriculum Research and Development. He was ready for students.

In the Summer of 2009, 17 students signed up for the first ever Greengineering class. Those pioneering students really created the class and started the GNRG revolution.
Today there are over 200 students (in NPS, along with a growing number of students in other schools across the country) )participating in GNRG projects and programs.

Who we are

  • Students in Newton Public Schools that are interested and committed to investigating and designing solutions for both local and global issues.
  • An expanding network of students, faculty, and schools across the country that are creating a Greengineers program or using the Greengineers approach to create and facilitate a Planet, People, Power philosophy.
  • Steve Chinosi, CIO, Founder/Director of Greengineering
  • Matt Anderson, Greengineers Faculty
  • Adam Peloquin, Greengineers Faculty
  • Brendan Hathaway, Chief Greengineer
  • Diana Robbins, Program Advisor
  • Amy Winston, Program Advisor
  • Jen Price, Principal, NNHS

What we do

The Greengineers are Solutionaries. Super-heroes for the PLANET and for the PEOPLE. We study, research, build, hack, make, create, design, and engineer solutions that will help save the species and do less harm to the environment.

How we can help you

Just send word or image and we'll get to work.

How you can help us

Think, Act, Repeat and live by the Planet, People, Power mantra!


she sees everything

The Greengineers Philosophy:
Greengingeering is a new term. Right now my spell check wants me to change it to either "bioengineering, engineering,or greengrocery." Maybe it will be added to the dictionary at some point. But that is not important now.
What is important now is saving the world. An apt definition for a "greengineer" is "the new kind of superhero." Greengineering is about saving the planet, finding solutions to problems in a manner that is in harmony with nature, and being more efficient. It is all the aspects of engineering, economics and more combined with the drive to be greener.

In our Newton think-tank everyday (and even when "class" is not in session), we stop being students and transcend the common standards of a "class." I see my peers become outstanding and fierce businessmen and women, they become biodiesel manufacturers who smile at the sight and smell of grease;above all everyone steps up to become professionals who make the choices we should have made a long time ago.
We all become greengineers, looking for solutions that are as good for our school as they are for our planet and customers;Inside of all of us there is the potential to change the world, and all that it takes is conscious thought followed by action.
This is what we believe. To learn more about what we DO- click on "Think Tank"


Planet, People, Power! (in that order)

Contact Us

email: greengineers1@gmail.com
tel: 617-559-6261
twitter: greengineers1