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CORE4 Research and Development=

101 Team Pages aka (Core4):

covert ops, don't ask, or at least, if you ask, expect silence. this is the stuff so cool. it would cause real havoc if we shared.

The Greengineers are a collaborative species by nature/nurture, as such, we encourage and demand that each section share and engage the other.

November Core4

GNRG's break into research teams covering Biodiesel, Aquaponics, Algae, Mycelium and Materials and will spend the next three months investigating, exploring, designing and developing grand solutions. There are two goals - 1st, move the Core4 research forward and 2nd, apply those advancements in a meaningful way to make positive impact for a local community.

October Basecamp

Backpack/Bookbag Design Challenge

Rethinking the backpack
Plus Delta - Backpack.pdf

101 Sept. Bootcamp DEEP DIVE #1

Imagine running your car and heating your house with vegetable oil. Imagine creating and distributing energy from sunlight, water, and wind.

Imagine designing new products made from recycled materials. In this dynamic ‘green-tech’ course, students will design and build biodiesel processors, along with photovoltaic, micro-hydro, and wind power systems.

Students will also create new products from recycled materials.

The goal of Greengineering 101 is for students to engineer new and sustainable solutions through research and project-based learning.

Greengineering is an integrated and interdisciplinary class that combines Science, Engineering, and Economics.

This course offers students remarkable hands-on opportunities for intellectual problem solving, social change, and industry collaboration. Participation/Leadership in the Greengineering Club is strongly encouraged.

Daniel Pink's Drive - The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

The Marshmallow Tower Challenge

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Scientific Inquiry artifact list

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