Here's the page for B-blockGreengineers 101 Syllabus

Course Number and Title: 927 - Greengineering 101/201
Year: 2011-2012 NNHS

Faculty Names: S. Chinosi, (B and C-blocks)
Email address:
Phone: 617-559-6261
Office Hours: By Appointment or E / F blocks Office Location: 148A

Required and Suggested Supplemental Reading Materials: Design Thinking Toolkit(IDEO), Built to Last, Building a Successful Biodiesel Business, Algae Strategy, the new fuel, The Green Economy, Growing a Business, Biodiesel Basics and Beyond, Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy, and many, many more

COURSE PREREQUISITES: Desire to imagine the possibilities

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Greengineering 101 is driven by the question “How do we create a sustainable existence?” In this course students will take greater responsibility for their learning and for their place on the planet. Students are expected to think more expansively and to engineer solutions to local and global issues regarding the environment, the economy, and the people that connect the two.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Utilizing some of the most important engineering, economic, and environmental issues, Greengineers strive to study the complex relationships of the new energy revolution. One goal is to create a viable energy company. In preparation for university, students will strengthen their skills as engineers and scholars. Students will focus on biodiesel production, recycled products, algae as fuel, solar and wind technologies. This year will offer students several creative and intellectual challenges. Students will learn to build biodiesel processors, understand the chemistry behind the process. Students will also design products from recycled materials, build algae cultivators, and investigate the complexities of an entrepreneurial endeavor. Ultimately, students will offer concise, articulate solutions to contemporary and critical issues.

(most likely subject to change – often)
9/7 - 11/5
-Intro to GNRG
-Design THinking
  1. Design Mind Set
  2. Functional/Flexible Solutions
  3. Guided Process
  4. Operational Knowledge
11/8 - 1/21/11
-Science of Solar/Wind
1. Highly Effective Production Teams
2. Bootleg new solutions
3. Innovate
1/24 - 4/1
- Scientific Inquiry (solo)
Create paper/presentation on a question that will advance greengineering research
4/4 – 6/19

Design Challenge (teams)

Design greengineered Solution for a local or global problem

There is an online component to this class. Students are required to spend time posting to the discussion board on the class website (__http://www.greengineers.wikispaces.com__). Students will also find critical information for class posted there as well. Students are expected to visit the website daily.

Discussions, Research Questions, 3-2-1, are organized below.

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