3/14/11 - A - Board Meeting Notes
3/8/11 - A - Board Meeting Notes
2/7/11 - A - Board Meeting Notes
1/31/11 - A - Board Meeting Notes
1/10/11 - A - Board Meeting Notes
12/20/10 - A - Board Meeting Notes
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12/06/10 - A - Board Meeting Notes
11/29/10 - A - Board Meeting Notes
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11/15/10 - A - Board Meeting Notes
11/8/10 impromptu board mtg notes, goals
11/5/10 - A - Board Meeting Notes
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10/22/10 - A - Board Meeting Notes
10/15/10 - A - Board Meeting Notes
10/8/10 - A - Board Meeting notes


Email me with your self-assessment of your first term! matt_anderson@newton.k12.ma.us

Do you want to be on board for the Green Decade's Harvest Fest Expo in Newton Center on 10/17?
3-2-1 #5 due tomorrow. Talk specifically about your goals for this past week, did you achieve them, what needs to be done...
State of the State reports due Next Thursday! One report per team. Business use the format SWOT (http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05.htm). Everyone else use the "What, So What, What Now" format (WHAT does the data tell us? SO WHAT does that mean for our work, our goals, or us? NOW WHAT do we need to do about it (usually leading to the development of action plans).
Should be around 2 pages.

We'll talk about the article Monday for the first part of class, then get back to working in the lab.

The article for A block is on the bottom magazine rack in the shop, in a purple folder. Mr. A will NOT be in school Tuesday. Pick up a copy of the reading in the office from Mr. Chinosi. It's a really dense article, and will be difficult to fully understand. Summarize what you can on paper, and bring questions and highlight parts you find troublesome. Will discuss Monday.

A: 3-2-1 #3. Each group be ready to give a basic summary in board meeting of where your group is. What have you accomplished? What is on your agenda? What questions do you need to answer before moving forward?

A: Read up on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. How bad is it really? what does it look like?...

A: 3-2-1 due Tomorrow. Include your name and "#2" in the subject of your post. Look up "protocol".

A: Read Ch 7 of Built to Last: Try a Bunch of Stuff and Keep What Works for Thursday.

A: Read Ch 6 of Built to Last: Cult-like Cultures. Complete your first 3-2-1 response. Have your notebook and be ready to talk about "17 Reasons" and "Cult-like Cultures"

A: have read and be ready to discuss "17 Reasons Why Football Is Better Than High School". Have your notebook Friday.