What is Scientific Inquiry? or SCiNQ GNRG?

The scientific inquiry or SCiNQ is an individual research project that each Greengineer must complete. The topic must be related to Greengineering and what we do. For instance, John wants to understand Centrifuging; after his exploration of the topic he might come up with some cool innovations for the Greengineering program. Everyone will present their findings in class and try to essentialize the data pertaining to the topic.

Here's the SCiNQ briefing document:

Sample Inquiry Topics:

Bamboo Building

Mycelium a replacement for Styrofoam

Glycerin Soap and Composting

Why and how is emulsion formed?

Chemical properties of grease: reaction and removal (why does it refuse to leave a surface?)

The Chemistry behind Biodiesel. Why does the reaction work? What happens on a molecular level?

Solar Thermal Heating for Biodiesel Reactions.

Biofuels in Airliners

Why bags fuse

Oil Variability

Filtering or What's a Micron?

Methanol Recovery.

Sustainable Lighting

The Green Economy