The only good biodiesel is safe biodiesel.

Therefore, as the safety team, it is our responsibility to be sure every person working on anything stays safe before, during, and after the process.

We're in the new building and lots of stuff needs to be updated.
New safety teams need to collaborate between blocks. Join the safety discussion page, safety teams!

Some of our recent projects include:
  • Researching the chemicals the Greengineers work with (methanol, methoxide, isopropyl alcohol, phenolphthalein, and potassium hydroxide), and the first aid that goes along with them
  • Updating the Right to Know binder (for more information on the Massachusetts Right to Know laws, click here) We now have a digital version of the Right-to-Know book:
  • We also have an Incident Report Sheet:
  • Informing our first responders (the school nurse and the fire department) of what we are doing in our lab and what could go wrong


Our Drager device helps us monitor safe methanol concentrations in the air.
After being inspected by the Newton Fire Department, and implementing their advice, the Greengineers have applied for their Fire Safety Permit! As a part of the applicatin we had to compile Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for our chemicals, Submit a chemicals Inventory, Submit an Emergency Response Plan (ERP), and more. Essentially it was a lot of what also goes into the Right To Know book. In addition, we have added K-Class fire extinguishers designed specifically for grease fires, and ordered an inspection on our sprinkler system. That is all for now. Safety Team over and out.