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  • 3/28 - Governor Deval Patrick visits the Greengineers!

Our Favorite Sites

  • Instructables: The Source for the Makers/Hackers/DIY Community
  • Inhabitat: Design for a Better World
  • Tree Hugger: the best in green design
  • Kickstarter: great ideas
  • The King of Random: great instructables
  • The New Lab: This is the innovation lab of America's public schools.
  • The Story of The Story of Stuff Project was created by Annie Leonard to leverage and extend the film’s impact. They amplify public discourse on a series of environmental, social and economic concerns and facilitate the growing Story of Stuff community’s involvement in strategic efforts to build a more sustainable and just world.
  • Save That Stuff: Awesome New England company that recycles just about everything and forklifts loads of grease over from Legal Seafoods for us.
  • Environmental League of Massachusetts: The Environmental League of Massachusetts is dedicated to protecting the health of our environment and citizenry by safeguarding the land, water and air of our Commonwealth.
  • Alliance for Climate Education: A national leader in climate education and the best presentation on the critical issue of global climate change.
  • MIT Sea Grant Education: Our strategic partners in greengineering the future !
  • Cape Cod Biofuels: The only ASTM-lab-certified biodiesel producer in the state of Massachusetts and a great company. Check them out.
  • Whole Foods Market : A great market, a company with action-driven vision, and a leader in sustainable business practices.
  • Scuderi Engineering: The most innovative engine design in 130 years, air-hybrid. MA company.
  • Home Inventory Great App. for inventory control, web-based and iphone App.
  • Survey Monkey Answer this Greengineering survey please.

  • Newton's green decade: This Newton's green power house. The Green Decade, collaborates, shares, builds, and educates Newton's own in all things sustainable and green.
  • National Biodiesel Board: The nation's leading advocate for biodiesel.
  • Alt E Store: Incredible resource for alternative energy information and products. They focus on Solar PV/Thermal and Wind, but offer so much more.
  • Utah Biodiesel Supply: Graydon is the best in the business. Incredible resource for all things BioDiesel.
  • BioLyle's Biodiesel Workshop: BioLyle knows his stuff. Check out his new Workshop Tutorial DVD--we highly recommend it.
  • The Farm School: Saving the future one seed at a time. The Farm School is an incredible educational experience. The Farm School is a family farm for the coming generations where people experience first hand what it means to be stewards of the earth.

  • Senior Year Project: Another incredible Newton North Innovation, check it out!
  • Greengineeringforthemasses: Brendan H's award winning SYP research.
  • Biodieselsyp: Sam S's awesome research on building a biodiesel reactor.
  • Playing for Change: Something to believe in!
  • The Diesel Weasel. Follow the adventures of our arch-nemesis and patron saint.
  • An SYP original. Zita Polgar (SYS'10) created this incredible "Nature" resource for parents and kids. Her research on Nature Deficit Disorder is incredible. Visit the website, learn a lot, and then get outside and explore the "Naturebug" way.

Audio - Cello Joe plays, "climb it, change" -


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Episode ONE - Trials and Tribulations of Greenman!


Bottle Buildings of Guatemala

Great animated video from "The Story of Stuff" on Bottled Water. Use the link for the full video, the video below is just a trailer.

Greengineers integrating technology

Humdinger Wind Energy - Incredible, Creative Solution



Futurestates - Brilliant film on the tragedy of plastic

Very cool RSA (Royal Society of Arts) video inspired by Daniel Pink. Daniel Pink provides concrete examples of how intrinsic motivation functions both at home and in the workplace.

Sam and Tiffany pump grease out of a 250-gallon tote from Save That Stuff. Nearby, Craig drains some washwater.

Explore the storage cage with Paul.

Is our biodiesel ASTM-quality? Watch Sam perform a 27/3 test to find out.

12/23/09: Watch the Greengineers fill a Jetta and drive off with their first ASTM-quality batch of fuel!


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