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There are four courses each with multiple sections in GNRG. Click the title to enter your course and section.

Xplore - Our introductory course designed as a serious and highly engaging semester experience. GNRG Xplore is open to all, but primarily designed for first-year students.

101 - This is the core GNRG course. It's a full-year class that puts the students in leadership roles in cutting-edge greengineering research and development. It is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

201 - Welcome to the office of ingenuity and Newton's Labratory. GNRG 201 is a design thinking, solution-centered course that positions students as "Solutionaries" - innovators, designers, and social entrepreneurs - grappling with complex global and local issues. This course is open to 11th and 12th grades with prerequisites.

301 - This is where Chief Greengineers are tested in service to the community. GNRG 301 focuses on co-teaching the Xplore class while pursuing an independent, comprehensive GNRG project with our partners in the community.



Fashion Engineering aka “Fashioneering” will be taught as a hands-on project based course where students will apply scientific and engineering principles to the design and production of all aspects of fiber, textile and apparel processes, products and machinery. The use of systematic problem solving engineering principles within the fashion design process will be used extensively throughout the entire course. The students will be creating apparel, footwear, textile products, 3D models, jewelry and accessories.

In this course, students will be learning about the design and production of all aspects of fiber, textile and apparel processes, products and machinery. The students will be learning about clothing and footwear fabrication. This will include the design, assembly and large-scale production of such products.


Safety - This is where we keep all our documents, etc. relating to ensuring that all Greengineers are aware and prepared for any potential hazards in the shop.


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201 Lab Design Thinking

Here are some resources for guiding us through design thinking as a way of life from Stanford's

Cradle to Cradle engineering is a brilliant match with the GNRG "Planet, People, Power" mantra

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