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About Algae

Algae is the "NEW FUEL." Companies all over the world are investing billions of dollars in algae fuel research. We have an opportunity with the STS mobile lab and MIT Sea Grant to begin our own investigation behind the "algae revolution - solution." Open up any TIME magazine and you will see adds from Exxon/Mobil about their own work in algae research. We believe that in less than ten years this research will become applied science and transform energy initiatives around the world. We want students around New England to be a big part of this new solution.

Mobile Algae Lab

The Mobile Algae Lab is a true innovation in learning. With "Save that Stuff" and MIT Sea Grant, NNHS has the opportunity to be a part of the next step in science, engineering, and environmental stewardship. The Algae Lab is a 53' tractor trailer on the outside, with an absolute state of the art Algal Research lab on the inside.

Our Vision:
Bring this cutting edge algae lab to schools around New England for hands-on, research-driven science, engineering, and environmental science curriculum. We will utilize the faculty and students from both MIT Sea Grant and NNHS to help schools engage this incredible resource into their own curriculum.

water filters

power panel


NNHS Algae Lab

Here at NNHS in the Greengineering headquarters, we have started experimenting with our own algae! The Algae we grow is Nannochloropsis sp. It is a starch-high culture and it is used to feed fish. Once we get the protocol down for growing algae and maintaining cultures, we will experiment with oil-high cultures. Once we are growing oil-high cultures we will then experiment with ways to extract the oil from it, and turn the oil into a bio-fuel!


One of the factors that we have been struggling with is heat. Some of our lights were giving off way too much. As you can see this culture reached temperatures in excess of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This algae likes temps closer to 67F. So we switched our lighting to Compact Fluorescents. It is working very well and we have heat under control.

Sam, Sarah, and Brendan making some cultures!
A 18 liter barrel-o-algae

Algae Updates

The greengineers are fairly confident they have a good system for growing algae. Therefore they will shortly be developing a Standard Operating Procedure for growing it.

Algae Competencies