GNRG 301 is a collaborative, service based curriculum.

Students split time between co-teaching the Xplore GNRG and working with community groups on green issues. Students engage local businesses and environmental groups and work on making the Newton community as sustainable as possible.

Leadership, collaboration and professional project management will become critical tools in tackling complex problem with green-designed solutions, such as building-based energy audits with the Green Decade Coalition, Newton’s High Performance Building Coalition, and BU engineering.

Students also contribute to green product/process design engineering with partnering companies and universities, such as MIT, Ecovative Design, Save That Stuff, Legal SeaFood, Whole Foods Market, Preserve, The Earth Day Network, UPS, Boston Tree Service, Newton Community Farm, Newton Conservators, etc.

This year the Chief GNGR's will split their time accordingly

Shop 20% (managing the operations and inventory for all GNRG classes)
Co-Teaching 20% (working with both the GNRG xplore students and the 201 design Lab)
Projects and Partners 60% (expanding and maintaining our wonderful GNRG / N'Lab network)


September: Reorganizing the shop, co-teaching Xplores, deep brainstorming for future projects!

'13-'14 Projects

The Music Tree (inspired by Rock the Bike's "El Arbol")

The NN Sustainable Campus Project (aka "Campus as Learning Lab"), Greenhouse project

Fish Tacos for Everybody! - the amazing design/engineering of large scale aquaponics

Team Algae

'12-'13 projects
​Check out our Engineering Projects!